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MedRev Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Governance and Board of Directors

We commit to upholding the highest standards of ethical business practices in all that we do. Nowhere is this commitment to integrity more impactful than in our relationships with members, employees, suppliers, and the industry at large.

MedRev Board of Directors represents the needs of our stakeholders and provides valuable counsel to leadership regarding the company’s strategic endeavors. Integrity has long served as the underpinning of our business; and as a privately held company, we commit to many of the same governance and regulatory standards applied to publicly traded companies

The term “compliance” refers to rules and guidelines that aim to ensure a company and its employees comply with existing conditions and laws. The main focus of compliance is on enabling and creating fair competition, and on preventing and eliminating corruption.

Compliance is a key element of the MedRev corporate culture and is derived from our fundamental corporate values. Responsible and compliant actions are central to the success of our company. Alongside the social responsibility we bear as a healthcare provider, respectful cooperation is also crucial to a trusting relationship with our customers, business partners and stakeholders.

Compliance Principles

Code of conduct

Anti-Corruption Policy

Competition Compliance Policy

Our policies set, in concrete terms, our company’s belief that corruption, anti-competitiveness and misconduct have no place within the MedRev or in our cooperation with customers and business partners. Violations are not tolerated. Appropriate investigations are conducted and penalties imposed if necessary.

A group-wide compliance organisation ensures that the rules are enforced and monitored throughout the group. In addition, local Compliance Managers are responsible for compliance in the individual countries.

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